Contacto/Contact us

Because we love what we do we like to share it. To come and volunteer for a DAY send us a message to:

Sometimes it takes us a while to get internet connection so we appreciate your patience getting a reply.

We are strongly recommending to bring fresh clothes to your volunteering Day.

Dry season in Cuba is November through April, temperatures between 18 degrees Celsius to 30 maximum during the day.

Rainy season from May through October, can be challenging so we recommend you bringing fresh clothes but sun protection.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at our farm.

20 thoughts on “Contacto/Contact us

  1. Marcella Barganz

    Hello, My name is Marcella Barganz and I am planning a trip to Cuba this Thursday through Monday. I would like to volunteer at your farm to for fill my visa requirement and also to have a rich cultural experience in Cuba. My email address is M and my phone number is 1–917–478–5310. Could you let me know if this is possible and if so, how to proceed? Thank you very much, Marcella Barganz


  2. Hello Team Finca Tungasuk!

    My husband and I are planning our traditional summer trip and always make it a point to volunteer/ provide service in the destinations we travel to.

    Since some of the travel restrictions have been lifted from Americans trave=
    ling to Cuba, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to visit AND

    I’ve done a lot of research and your farm seems to be such a beautiful, fun
    and great place to give back.

    We plan to be in Cuba end of July/ early August. Is there opportunity to visit and volunteer at your farm during that time?

    Hopefully yes so we can continue our travel plans! 😉 Keep me posted and thank you for your time!


    Christy Dodge (California)


  3. Holly Bryant

    My name is Holly and for my son Ian’s 10th birthday, on August 5th through the 8th we will be in Havana. I would like to know if it is possible for us to volunteer on Monday the 7th.


  4. Rima O'Sullivan

    Hello, My name is Rima and I will be coming with my husband Denis and cousin John to Havana for 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May. We would love to come and spend a day with you if that would be convenient. We have a few acres of land in Australia where we are growing fruit and vegetables too. I am interested in permaculture also!
    I look forward to hearing from you.


  5. Meshelle Smith

    My friend and I will be in Havana from July 15-17. We could possibly stay one more day. From Havana, we plan on traveling to Trinidad.

    We would love to help out for a day. Please let us know if this is possible!

    Meshelle and Shanna


  6. Len (evelyn!

    We will be in Cuba in mid November 2017.. we would like to visit and volunteer. There will be 4-5 in our group. we are coming from Northern California and Southern California.
    Looking forward to visiting you and helping out and learning more about the wonderful countrynthat is Cuba.
    Evelyn Woods


  7. Gacey meza

    Hi I’m traveling there from 4/6-11 and wanted to inquire about volunteering on 4/10. Please advice how I can go about doing this. Thank you.


  8. Jessica Blanco

    would like to volunteer, my mother and I own and run a restaurant in us . we are always fascinated with the cultivation of produce and appreciate the hard larbor that is put forth. Therefore interested in helping planning may 11-15th 2017


  9. sam sotocinal

    i will be vacationing in Cuba end of this month for 10 days and would like to volunter a day of my visit. my name is sam sotocinal. please send me more information at thanks!


  10. robyn cones -Tom Carroll

    i am planning a visit to Cuba and have always wanted to do it by agricultural and help.We want to come in june 2017
    may we help a few days ?
    we are on the older side but spry
    My husband Tom has building skills ,tractor skills and a hard worker
    i’m a beginner gardener,follow instruction well, can cook and wash ,dabbled in pottery( wheel work)and am cheerful


  11. Esperanza Valencia

    We would like to learn more about the volunteer work and how much $ it entails. We already have our flight set for June 21 through June 27th. Please let me know. Thank you!


  12. Precious Ellis


    I am a Student in United States, Arizona and I was trying to get more information for volunteering in your programs.

    Thank you.


  13. Trisha Swed

    Hello! I am planing a trip to Cuba and would like to spend some of my time volunteering. It would likely be just me or me and my partner. How difficult is it to get from Havana to your farm?


  14. Jose Reyes

    Hi I am Jose Israel Reyes and will be arriving in Cuba on June 24 th with my Cousin Gabriel. We would love to volunteer to your program


    1. Hi Maria
      We were not affected as much as the regions in the east of the island. The farm is 25km heading west from Havana so we got not the worst from Irma. Now we are fully recovered and committed to reassure wi ter crops in order to guarantee food after this disaster. Thank you for asking


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